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Photo / Audio / Video editing

From photo retouching & editing to complete promotional video production


Technology today is making it more readily available for virtually anyone to edit their own photos or even record and compose their own videos. There's an abundance of software out there that can help consumers perform any of these tasks from the comfort of their own computer, and some of it's even available at no cost!

But even if you can acquire the software for free, there are two other critical requirements needed for accomplishing these types of projects - time and patience.  First, you need to familiarize yourself with the software... that takes some time and often a good deal of patience. And once you're comfortable with how the software works and what it can do for you, now you need even more time and patience to physically carry out the task.  Some projects may not take all that long to complete, but others can be very time-consuming... not to mention very trying on your patience.   

Whether it be re-touching or creating a photo image to be used in a brochure or on your website, to composing a special audio clip, to developing a visually stimulating and effective video to help promote your business, we can help.  This is what we could do for you:

  • photo editing, enhancement and restoration

  • audio soundtrack recording, editing, mixing and production

  • video editing and production, mastering and duplication


Why test your patience and risk frustration by attempting these kinds of tasks on your own, when we can do it for you quickly, efficiently and creatively!  

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get it done!

*example of a photo creation & colorization from 2 original photos.

The end product was the ONLY keepsake of a clients parents

posing TOGETHER in the same photo.



*example of a promotional video we produced -

from developing the initial concept to shooting the content on site to editing and duplicating copies of the final DVD product.



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