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Multimedia project management

Your single point of contact to manage your project from start to finish 


Imagine you are undertaking a significant home renovation project, and now your responsibility is to locate, select and coordinate all the necessary trades or sub-contractors to get the job completed.  Carrying out all this management yourself, while still trying to perform your regular job duties, can be a pretty challenging task!  It also has the potential to be extremely time-consuming, trying to stay on top of every detail along the way to ensure your project is completed to your desired specifications and schedule.

This is no different when it comes to some Multimedia projects. There can be many players and specialists that will be required in the process... some will be obvious but others may not!  Having a single point of contact to work with - one who acts on your behalf to coordinate all of the necessary disciplines and ensures your project is carried out and completed to your satisfaction, within your budget, and on time - can be invaluable.   

That's exactly the role we can provide you, and we already have an excellent working relationship with a variety of contacts and disciplines in this field to help streamline the process and ensure you end up with exactly what you had envisioned.  Some of those resources are:  


  •  a fully-equipped recording studio and sound engineer

  •  musicians, advertising 'jingle' writers & composers, and voiceover artists

  •  an experienced videographer and award-winning, complete video production facility

  •  a professional photographer

  •  an events & conferences coordination agency

  •  IT (Information Technology) consultants

  •  Database & Programming experts

  •  Marketing & Promotion experts

  •  Business & Economic Development Professionals (Proposal Writing, Grant Applications, etc.)

  •  Print shops & Signage manufacturers


As you can see, the list of contacts is pretty comprehensive!  But if there's a requirement for a discipline that we don't already have a working relationship with, we will take on the challenge of locating one so you don't have to!

*this is a sample Media Kit created for the County of Flagstaff in Alberta.

Includes a cover folder with inside pocket for 4 tiered information sheets and an interactive CD.

We designed and composed the entire package, and supplied multiple copies of the Kit to the Client

for their own distribution to promote the County's Toursim and Economic Development. 



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